Pam and Marty Waddell

In keeping with family tradition, Marty and Pam Waddell – husband and wife team continue the legacy of Waddell Transfer. Marty the son of Walter and Brenda Waddell has been raised around the trucking industry and enjoys not only running the company as President but coaching his team to strive for their best. As the Vice President of Waddell Transfer, Pam works  with our office staff to maintain a smooth operation by managing our accounts and our employees.


 Our Drivers

(Left to Right)
  • Chris-6 months Service,
  • Jeff– 4 Years Service
  • Jesse– 6 Months Service
  • Larry– 1 Year Service
  • Rick– 14 Years Service,
  • Bud– 5 Years Service
  • Earnest– 41 Years Service
  • Bob– 5 Years Service
  • Not Pictured: Dean– 6 Years Service

Short Haul

(Left to Right)
  • Steve is a 20 Veteran of Waddell Transfer while
  • David has been a team member for 9 years.
Both of these guys handle our local runs for loads that  need a quick turn around. 

Our Office Team

Melissa is a 19 year veteran of our company, and her knowledge and experience shows.  She always has a smile on her face, and has been with the company through thick and thin . She is a well known and loved member of our team.
Missy is the newest member of our team and has plenty of experience in the trucking industry. She  is always a pleasure to talk with. Missy will be our go to girl for accounts payable and helping to manage our office.
Shane's our Operations Manager. Shane comes to Waddell Transfer with 4 years of trucking experience and is super knowledgeable when it comes to helping to run our fleet. Shane brings excitement and new ideas to our company every day.

 Our Shop Team

Lester is a certified mechanic of 40 years. A Veteran of the US Coast Guard, he obtained his Diesel Mechanic License while in the service.
Tim (Not Pictured) is a Diesel  Mechanic of 15 years, and has been with our      company for 16 years, and his knowledge and  expertise brings quality to our     company

 Waddell Transfer, Inc.


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